Transferring Thunderbird Emails to Outlook - An Obstacle-Free Way for All! 1

Transferring Thunderbird Emails to Outlook – An Obstacle-Free Way for All!

Transferring Thunderbird Emails to Outlook for Mac or Windows, here is the no hassle way for you.

Mozilla Thunderbird

Thunderbird emails can be archived into MBOX, but MBOX cannot be used with Outlook (neither Windows nor Mac). This leads to many people reaching for third-party MBOX to PST converter tools that can help with transferring Thunderbird emails to Outlook. Many of those converters work to some extent in cases with a few set of folders, but they are impractical for larger migration needs.

You probably have more than two folders and the complexity of the emails is also likely to be more than just text. Most modern day email users deal with a lot more content than email text. This includes sending files as attachments, including text, non-textual, media, attachment files, and also cloud-based files. It is also common to include graphics in your emails, whether in a sense of simply attaching photos, or HTML formatted emails with logos, graphs, etc. An email could be a lot similar to a web-page, making the database in Thunderbird highly rich information.

Therefore, the complications come in spades when transferring Thunderbird emails to Outlook without proper guidance or proper set of tools. The obstacles along the path could range from mildly annoying to severe, like data loss.

Transferring Thunderbird Emails to Outlook

Below, we are discussing an obstacle-free way to transfer emails that will work for everyone in an equal way. A high-end user could benefit from the sophisticated features, while a basic user could easily find their way around through a friendly interface and apply the necessary features for a proper migration outcome they want.

The converter appreciated and revered by many is “Mail Extractor Pro.” And from its simple interface to quick conversion results, the tool brings many more advanced functionality to make the task seem as free and efficient as possible. It is a way of transferring emails from Thunderbird database into PST files for Outlook without any frictions and bumps along the way.

transferring thunderbird emails to outlook

Mail Extractor Pro can convert Mozilla Thunderbird, Postbox, Apple Mail MBOX to Outlook for Mac and Windows supported PST file format.

One reason why it works so well in an otherwise daunting process is through the mechanism of direct conversion from the Thunderbird Profile. No need to exert yourself looking for data files. You can start the process by clicking on ‘Autoload’ and make all the contents ready for conversion to PST in the most accurate and clean manner.

By ridding of generic and manual steps often required in conventional mode of data transfer, this tool not only simplifies your job to a huge extent, but offers the data accuracy that is unprecedented. With ‘Mail Extractor Pro,’ you can be free of concerns such as broken images, lost attachments, changing of the read/unread status of emails, shuffled folders and lost hierarchy, and damaged email headers. The tool is capable of handling all kinds of databases, from small to large, in a competent way that retains the originality of your emails.

You can test it yourself. Download the setup file below, install it like you would install any other regular software, and start it up.

Transfer Thunderbird to Outlook

“Mail Extractor Pro” is for Mac OS users and works on 10.6 OS X or higher. You might need to give permissions for the tool to access your data for Mac OS 10.14 or above, but other than that, it has no additional requirements.

Get it for transferring Thunderbird emails to Outlook

Thunderbird to Outlook

Downloading the installer file does not require any additional steps: like signing up for a newsletter or filling any of forms. Nor does the tool require any initial configuration. You can fire it up straight after the two-minute of installation process and it is ready for your conversion in a trial mode, giving you ample time and opportunity to see how it works.

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