Transfer Mac Mail to Windows Outlook - Difference Between Manual Methods and Using a Tool! 1

Transfer Mac Mail to Windows Outlook – Difference Between Manual Methods and Using a Tool!

Transfer Mac Mail to Windows Outlook – Here, we discussed about manual method and professional tool, choice is yours.

There are two ways of transferring Mac Mail to Windows Outlook: manually and through a tool.

The manual method:

  1. Get an email account that supports IMAP protocol, like Gmail
  2. Configure it with Mac Mail
  3. Let the data sync to Gmail completely
  4. Configure the same account in Windows Outlook
  5. Sync the data from Gmail to Outlook

As you can see, it seems straightforward. But the sad news is that in practice it is anything but.

Using a tool:

  1. Get a professional tool
  2. Convert Mac Mail data to PST
  3. Open Outlook and import PST

This one again looks straightforward and even much simpler than the manual method, which is to be expected.

Manual Vs Using Tool

But both methods have the drawbacks and some few merits. Especially, if you have only one or two folder in Mac Mail without any sensitive details stored, you can try the above IMAP method. But for anything larger than that, it won’t just cut.

On the other hand, a bad converter tool can make the matters worse. Even though, the process on paper seems simple enough, the badly written algorithms to process contents can make the result devastating, with heavy data loss and flaws in data integrity.

But that is where the good news lies: a good converter can make everything seem simple and efficient.

Mail Extractor Pro is very close to that perfect converter that you can get right now, either an activate professional version, or a home version, or even a trial mode.

Where IMAP manual technique does not require any installation from third-parties, it can be challenging and strenuously long. It also needs an IMAP email account that can at least offer the storage equivalent to the Mac Mail data. Not to mention, it will take a huge amount of bandwidth syncing data back and forth, from Mail locally to servers and then from the servers to Outlook locally.

And what makes the manual approach the least attractive option is the loss of data essence or fidelity. You can get find many omitted items and loss of structure.

On the other hand, “Mail Extractor Pro” is a third-party tool that you need to buy and install. After that, everything becomes quick and fluid. You do not need to take any manual steps. Moreover, it is also the only converter that can automatically pick up your primary database or let you load backup databases (along with the conventional MBOX optoin too).

The modern features offered here takes away the efforts, frustrations, and challenges of any other way of transferring Mac Mail to Windows Outlook.

Transfer Mac Mail to Windows Outlook with Free Trial

You can instantly download the *.dmg/setup file and install the free trial version at

Transfer Mac Mail to Windows Outlook
  • The updates are always free for lifetime.
  • The support team is ready to assist you at any time, including Team Viewer support
  • Standard (home), Small business, and Enterprise licenses available for full version activation


In conclusion, Mail Extractor Pro fares far better than any third-party tool and definitely than manual methods. It is the simplest way to transfer Mac Mail to Windows Outlook, without even requiring files like MBOX or EMLX.

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