Thunderbird to PST Converter Works on 3 Easy Steps!! 1

Thunderbird to PST Converter Works on 3 Easy Steps!!

Thunderbird to PST Converter, find everything you need for a perfect converter in a single package, use USL Software’s: Mail Extractor Pro

The Thunderbird to PST Converter

Next generation of converter tool is the talk of the town. And USL Software’s Mail Extractor Pro leads the way. The most recommended Thunderbird to PST Converter on the lists of both casual and professional users, offers you everything you always wanted for your Thunderbird to PST Conversion.

Thunderbird to PST Converter

The reliable converter that takes care of your data as its own

The most important ingredient for a perfect recipe of a successful Thunderbird to PST Conversion is safety of your data. And Mail Extractor Pro is a class apart in that.

The tool offers some of the most advanced features that make your Thunderbird to PST Conversion process a cakewalk. From power to precision the tool offers it all. Read on to know more.

Embrace the power

No, it’s not a tagline of a superhero movie. It is the actual experience you get when you the use this Thunderbird to PST Converter.

Mail Extractor Pro doesn’t mess around when it comes to the accuracy your Thunderbird to PST Conversion. It outclasses all the available competition in this area.

The tool offers you the most accurate conversion rate for a Thunderbird to PST Converter in the market. It solves the problem of data getting left behind or remaining unconverted that has been troubling you for long enough now.

The tool makes sure that everything is loaded for conversion process before it begins the conversion process. Afterwards, every bit of data present in the input file is converted by the tool.

This Thunderbird to PST Converter goes one step further and even retains the folder hierarchy from the input data file. This makes the output file produced a replica of the input file making your post conversion life easier.

Never worry about the security of your data with Mail Extractor Pro

Security is one of the raging issue when it comes to conversion process. Data is in its most vulnerable state when it is being converted to one format to another. One mistake and you can lose the data forever.

Most Thunderbird emails to Outlook Converter fail to provide the required security to your data and you may end up damaging your data rather than converting it.

One of the common problem that previous Thunderbird to PST Converters faced during the conversion process was conversion of the Unicode content present in the input data file.

Unicode forms up the non-English data present in your input file. Since it is a minority as compared to all the texts, most Thunderbird to PST Converter aren’t equipped to properly deal with it. Due to this the conversion process would remain incomplete and would hamper the input data file.

Mail Extractor Pro converts all the Unicode data present in your input file with extreme accuracy and precision to provide you a complete and safe conversion process.

Combined with the speed the tool provides, it forms a deadly combination

Speed that Mail Extractor Pro provides combines perfectly with its accuracy. Both together make the tool the topper of the recommendation charts.

Tool follows the approach of bulk conversion to cut down on the time wasted on the conversion process. Bulk Conversion allows you to select all the files that you want to convert and then in a single go the tool converts them all.

This approach only cuts down on the time wasted in the conversion process without compromising on the accuracy of this Thunderbird to Outlook PST Converter.

How It Works in 3 Steps

  1. LOAD
    • Auto Load: Automatically Load Thunderbird Mail database
    • Open: If you Thunderbird Profile Folder copied, then browse and locate them.
    • Check/Uncheck Folders from Preview Panel.
    • Check Ignore Empty Folders
    • Set your Output PST file Size.

Enjoy all this and lot more for free

Download the free trial of the tool available on the website and get started today (

Get it today to convert Thunderbird, Postbox, MBOX and Mac Mail Export Mailbox to Outlook (*.pst).

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