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PST and OST to MBOX Converter – Deals with Your Files and all the Key Details in Them Like No Others!


Both PST and OST are files for Outlook but serve totally different purposes and works differently too. While you can manually import PST to Outlook, OST is not fitted for that. And also, both files are pretty much useless in any other email clients than Outlook itself. Therefore, when the need arises to migrate your data from Outlook to other clients, you must first convert them to the applicable formats.

OST and PST to MBOX Converter

Today we are dealing with the same category of email migration task, specifically about how to convert these files – PST and OST to MBOX, a generic and commonly used file format in many email programs, mainly Thunderbird and Mac Mail.


MBOX format was first utilized by Mac Mail in the very version of the program in MacOS computers. But since then, Mac Mail moved on to EMLX files for quicker indexing and searching of emails. But the format, MBOX, remained common and is now used by many software programs for storing data. And converting OST/PST to MBOX remains one of the best approaches to migrate the Outlook emails, contacts, and calendar to any software that supports MBOX format.

Most users reading this will probably have the goal to get the information moved to Mac Mail or Thunderbird. And we will give you the best solution that handles the complex information precisely, but let us first see how the typical and substandard converters fail to get the right results that you want.

Common Issues with Many PST/OST to MBOX Converter

Not many converters in this category work suffice to the satisfaction of common users or advanced. They bring with themselves a host of issues that are hard to overcome and avoid.

Some of the common ones are:

  • Failing to protect the order or arrangement of your email folders
  • Modifying the metadata and headers
  • Losing the large attachments
  • Giving broken graphical components like photos and graphs and icons
  • Not suitable for converting Unicode – non-English text characters – cleanly
  • Non-friendly interfaces
  • Slow-paced, especially with large files
  • Not enough options to modify the output as per users’ needs
  • Unreliable, risky, and no tech support

These unprofessional tools can not only end up with broken data files or lose the important details in your files, they also waste too much time due to their slow data-rate conversion.

PST and OST Extractor Pro – Answers to All Problems above

Thankfully, USL Software has come forward yet again with their exceptional expertise and experience in the domain of email migration. “OST Extractor Pro” and “PST Extractor Pro” are two detailed, complete, and easy to use software applications that will once and for all end your frustrations with email migration projects.

pst to mbox converter

They both work perfectly with all the information the files have stored. No data integrity errors, no modification in structure and hierarchy, no slow-paced conversion, no crashes or bugs, and no terrible user-interfaces. They deliver clean output and have enough options and functionality to suit your needs. For instance; you can ignore all empty folders in one click, manually remove folders you do not want to convert, and so on.

ost to mbox converter

Get PST and OST to MBOX Converter

And considering, it is from USL Software, you get an expert-based support system backing you up and helping you along whenever you need assistance. “PST Extractor Pro” is for MacOS platform, while “OST Extractor Pro” comes in both Mac and Windows versions.

Try ‘PST Extractor Pro‘ at
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Both are available to try freely for checking out in depth how they work.

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