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Postbox to PST Transfer Instantly, Even Large Databases!

Postbox is Mac OS X email client, much like Outlook. However, both run on different operating systems and do not have any file that can be used interchangeably across both. This makes it difficult to move the data in case you need to switch from Postbox to Outlook. One way is to transfer Postbox to PST files, where PST is native file used in Windows Outlook. However, such a task can be time-consuming because there are no in-built features to do so and you must rely only on third parties.

Postbox to PST Converter

There are few converters that can help you convert the emails stored in Postbox to PST, but what you need is not some generic software but a professional one. This is because, even though, on surface, it may look easy and straightforward to pick any common software tool to convert your files, but it can backfire.

The Challenges

The common converters are not built around the complexity of modern-day email databases, such as that of Postbox. You might probably have more than simple text emails in Postbox. We have come a long way since then. Today, the databases of Postbox or any other email client can be rich in information and very sophisticated. The contents could range anywhere from cloud-based links, large non-textual attachments, graphically embedded emails, multi-layered hierarchy of mailbox folders, special characters encoded in Unicode standard both in email text and on headers, and so on.

Only a software converter that is built under the consideration of this rich complexity could process everything accurately, so that you do not find anything missing from the converted PST files.

Because it is not just about minor cases of information leak but could in some cases prove to be immensely distressing to the users. Imagine a single missed photo from emails; that could be a very personal and precious image that you couldn’t afford to lose. It could be a crucial graph from your work. Today, most of our communication is via emails and every part of an email database could potentially be highly important to you that you simply can’t afford to leave behind in Postbox.

If you are thinking, if some things are indeed not picked up by a converter, you could try again. And sure, that is an option that you have. However, how many times are you willing to try the conversion process? And how would you be sure if the converted files are accurate in depicting the original data?

What happens in most cases is that users often don’t notice any such irregularities in data. They then either happen to delete the original Postbox files or they can’t access them again because they belong to their work computers. Or, whatever the reason is, it can be distressing to find out that the tool you employed to transfer Postbox to PST did not work fully with the data and you are now stuck with incomplete emails in PST files.

After all, you couldn’t check every single email to look for discontinuity and errors.

Having said that, there are also other problems with the general way most go about email migration through ordinary converters. Namely, the lack of speed and a lot of time consumed by the software, lack of friendly and convenient way to interact with the tool’s features and power (cluttered and hostile UIs), and no technical support to help you along in a larger and complicated Postbox to PST migration (like in an IT department).

That’s why such projects can be immensely time-consuming and can be a drain in your productivity.

Recommended tool to Convert Postbox to PST

But here’s the good news, there is a way to quickly convert or transfer Postbox data to PST files without suffering from any data loss or other issues. It is through a brilliantly designed tool called “Mail Extractor Pro,” both from front-end and back-end. It consists of powerful data-processing mechanics and a simple interface that brings best of both worlds together into a cohesive whole. No other Postbox to PST converter has come close to offering the accuracy, speed, and simplicity that you have been looking for.

postbox to pst

It should be noted that “Mail Extractor Pro” is not merely Postbox to PST converters, even though, that’s what we are focusing on here specifically. Rather it is a complete utility to convert Apple Mail, Thunderbird, and MBOX to Outlook PST.

Accurate Conversion With Zero Data Loss

Mail Extractor Pro‘ distinguishes from other converters of similar nature not merely on the basis of improvements with algorithms and interface but based on an entirely new and innovative approach to data processing for conversion. It targets the complex information (like Unicode headers, cloud files, etc.) with a different set of logic that ensures zero loss and unwanted modification.

postbox to pst converter

Easy and Fast Conversion

Its interface is also designed from a user-centric perspective, making it not only the easiest but also the most functional Postbox to PST converter. It simply means that you get to enjoy the powerful algorithms, modern features, and more, without learning anything technical. It works just like any other software, and you can get to the end of your process by simply following the graphically oriented wizard.

And Much More…

Developed by USL Software, you get benefits of many software-related services that are not directly the features of the tool but make a huge difference in the overall experience:

  • A free demo edition that allows trying out all the features it has to offer (like splitting large PST files, manual folder selection, etc.)
  • Multiple licenses for varying scopes and needs
  • Lifetime free updates to the tool that even hones its performance and stability further and adds new functionalities
postbox to pst conversion

Try for Postbox to PST Conversion

Mail Extractor Pro’ is a Mac OS X compatible tool. You can download the setup, install it in less than two minutes, and try out the free version. The file size is very small, and the installation is straightforward without having to manually configure anything. It’s a fully desktop-based and standalone app that requires no other utilities or even internet to run.

You can try it for converting MBOX to PST as well as Apple Mail, Thunderbird & Postbox to PST for Mac and Windows Outlook.

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