Outlook 2011 to RGE Conversion – From Chaos to Order! 1

Outlook 2011 to RGE Conversion – From Chaos to Order!

RGE is an entourage file, Entourage is a discontinued email client from Microsoft, later replaced by Outlook 2011.

Outlook 2011 to RGE Conversion

So, when it comes to converting Outlook 2011 data to RGE files for Entourage, it shouldn’t be so hard to imagine that there is an official data export feature to do so. Both clients are from Microsoft, and both run on MacOS. Entourage is basically a predecessor to Outlook 2011.

But sadly, you cannot. Outlook 2011 can only export your emails and other items into OLM. If you are looking to either move the data to Entourage or for other reasons, to archive data to RGE, you are going to have to look elsewhere.

Outlook 2011 to RGE Converter

Usually, with the substandard third-party tools, Outlook 2011 to RGE conversion is something that demands massive amount of efforts and time, and you still might not get the best results. To face that, USL Software has brought “OLM Extractor Pro” which is one of the easiest, quickest, and most precise email migration tools to surface.

Outlook 2011 to RGE Conversion

What makes “OLM Extractor Pro” so much advanced than others are how it is built with advanced features while keeping the interface intuitive. You can use it in both large- and small-scale projects involving Outlook 2011 to RGE, take advantage of all the sophisticated features, and yet have no problem using it if you are a total beginner.

convert outlook 2011 to rge

Key Features

Talking about the features, here are some of the most unique and helpful ones that you won’t find with other Outlook 2011 to RGE converters:

  1. It can deal with all your contacts information and calendar reminders/events/etc. too. It converts them to VCF (VCARD) and ICS (ICAL) files respectively.
  2. You have the choice of converting all contacts into a single VCF file and all calendar into a single ICS file (per folder). This lets you avoid multiple files per item, which can be hard to manage.
  3. OLM Extractor Pro is known for its dedicated algorithms that have power to reach every corner and process every little and large element, outputting files 100% faithful to the original. This means that all metadata, structure, and so on are kept secure. Few examples of the type of information that are hard to preserve are:
    • Graphical elements
    • MIME headers
    • Unicode text (inside emails and email addresses)
    • Links
    • And more.
  4. The tool brings an option to freely choose what you want to convert inside the selected OLM files. Forget the forced approach of converting all folders inside the files. Now you can easily un-tick the folders that you don’t need to convert.
  5. Since the tool runs with sophisticated algorithms and take the entire database, it doesn’t modify the structure of folders. Everything will be located where you kept them originally in OLM files, and in the same order.

outlook 2011 to rge converter

Get this Outlook 2011 to RGE Conversion tool

You can see how it performs with your own files. Get a free demo below and convert Outlook 2011 to RGE right as accurately and quickly as can be possible. No other email migration tool comes close in offering the professional approach as this one does.

Try it here: https://www.olmextractorpro.com/

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