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OST to PST Converter – The Cornerstone of Success in Email Migration!

Free download of the finest OST to PST converter is available below. It is for trial purposes and has access to all the features to convert up to ten items per folder. The converter is officially titled as “OST Extractor Pro”, developed and marketed by USL Software.

Finest OST to PST Converter

Converting OST to PST files may seem simple enough from a distance. After all, both files are variant of the same format and is used by the same client – Outlook. But if you dig deeper, you will realize they are vastly different files even though have the similar framework. They are also used in different context for various uses.

It is not important to go into details of what their functions entail. The bottom line is you need to convert OST to PST files and are looking for a software tool that can do that.

OST Extractor Pro” meets the criteria of having all the features you would want and all the features experts recommend a tool should have. It brilliantly brings sophistication and simplicity under a single room, making it possible to use it in all context and projects.

ost to pst converter

Features of the OST to PST Converter

  • It can support batch conversion of multiple OST files to PST, no matter how large.
  • The option to split large output PST files come in handy with large OST file.
  • The adaptive scripts for dealing with contents like attachments, graphical details, headers, and other metadata and so on delivers accuracy and precision like no other OST to PST converter.
  • This is slightly out of topic but it can also convert OST to other formats like Apple Mail, Thunderbird, MBOX, and EML files.
  • You can choose whether you want Windows or Mac version. One of the very few tools available today that is cross-platform.
  • The conversion rate is rapid, saving time, especially in projects dealing with massive scale migration (like in an enterprise with 100s of employees).
  • The option to manually remove any unnecessary folder avoids the obligation to convert the entire database. Helpful to those users who may have very old emails that are no more important to convert to PST.
  • One-click option to exclude all empty folders
  • Conversion log, brief and detailed, gives detailed stats of the entire process
  • Dedicated Scripts and framework to offer clean conversion of Unicode text, in both email bodies and headers

And if you are wondering, the tool may be a bit cluttered and tiring to use by beginners, you would be happy to know that it is not so. The creative UI build works in your favor. The wizard is modern, intuitive, and insanely easy to navigate.

ost to pst converter tool

OST to PST Converter Free Trial Copy

ost to pst converter free

You can download the free copy of this excellent OST to PST converter with the link given below. And the support staff is just a click away to assist you whenever you require.

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