OST to Office 365 Converter for Mac and Windows 1

OST to Office 365 Converter for Mac and Windows

Learn the uses of an OST to Office 365 converter with OST Extractor Pro

OST to Office 365 Converter Tool

Perhaps, getting hold of a good OST to Office 365 converter is the first step in the journey of converting files from OST to Office 365. But once that is done, it is imperative that a user take full control of the tool; he/she must be able to utilise the features to gain maximum benefits out of it. Take OST Extractor Pro into consideration!

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It is an amazing OST to PST converter that is filled with characteristics in abundance. Any user who decides on using this tool must know about what these are. Have a look at the following list to gain insight into these:

OST Extractor Pro Expedites the OST to Office 365 Conversion Process!

Not only does this tool take over the whole OST to Office 365 conversion process but also takes it to a whole new level. The conversions are completed at breakneck speed making this converter the fastest in its market space. OST Extractor Pro undoubtedly has the fastest and still the most accurate OST to Office 365 conversion record of all times.

OST Extractor Pro provides a safe conversion environment

Safety concerns take the top priority for the users as the files we put up for conversions are our very own. These have some confidential data pertaining to our personal and professional lives. Thereby, no one is willing to risk it at any cost. OST Extractor Pro understands that and thereby provides a completely safe OST to Office 365 conversion process.

OST Extractor Pro provides bulk conversions

Large database conversions mean a lot of back to back action for the user. However, that can be avoided as OST Extractor Pro gives the user an option to convert multiple files at once.

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User gets comprehensive ‘OST to Office 365 conversions’ using OST Extractor Pro

If you dissect an email, you would agree that these are quite complicated structures. Comprising of elements such as to and from data, signature stamps, timestamps, attachments, contact details, calendars, etc, emails are difficult to restructure. However, OST Extractor Pro has perfected this job and gives 100% conversions by recreating these files flawlessly. So much so that it even maintains the folder hierarchy structure in the converted files.

Unicode content is no hurdle for OST Extractor Pro

Languages such as Arabic, Hindi, Chinese, Korean, etc make use of double byte characters. Such double byte characters can only be extracted if the tool is equipped with technology to extract the Unicode content. Luckily for us, OST Extractor Pro has all the required skills for getting this job done.

With features so loud and shiny, this OST to PST converter has reached the top of ladder in a very short span of time. What gives OST Extractor Pro a little more boost is its rational pricing. The tool is extremely affordable and can also be tried using a free trial mode. This tool has all the merits that one can ever hope for from an OST to Office 365 converter!

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