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Migrate Postbox to Outlook for Mac and Windows!

All the Information You Need to Migrate Postbox to Outlook Safely in A Non-Technical Tone Without Any Jargon!

Migrating Postbox to Outlook is an atypical type of data transfer because the files used by both clients are not the same. Both of these clients work with different data files, for all purposes like importing, exporting, migration, and backup. This is why it can get tricky to migrate your emails from Postbox into an Outlook for Windows client safely and without wasting too much time.

This article will share all the information you need to move your data safely and to avoid any errors while doing so. It is written in a completely layman’s tone and is not littered with heavy technical jargon, so no matter if you are a manager for a large IT infrastructure of some company or a regular user, by the time you end up reading this post, you know exactly how you can migrate Postbox to Outlook.

About Postbox and Outlook Email Clients

Postbox is one of the oldest email clients that is still around and has a large user base. It was first launched in 2008. An interesting little tad-bit about Postbox is that it is based on Thunderbird email-client (by Mozilla company) and is also co-built by one of the former Mozilla’s programmer.

Outlook, on the other hand, is built by one of the biggest tech giants we have today – Microsoft. Outlook too is one of the oldest emailing programs that exist today, but it has also undergone massive changes that it no longer even resembles its first editions. Outlook Windows today is probably the most popular emailing software, which is also a part of Microsoft’s even bigger set of tools and services called Office 365. But the interested party can buy Outlook as a standalone app as well.

Both Postbox is a cross-platform application available for both MacOS and Windows. While Outlook too has its own version for MacOS, called Outlook for Mac, it is not the same software program. This article focuses only on migrating Postbox in Mac to Outlook Windows and Outlook for Mac both.

What is Postbox to Outlook Migration about?

When you have to switch the application you were using to some new application, you also have to make changes to other areas as well. This applies to everything, even outside the computers and software world. If you are switching the house and moving to a different neighborhood, you also need to find ways to transport all your house furniture, change your address with magazine subscriptions, and so on. It is somewhat same when you are migrating from Postbox to Outlook.

There are two cases in terms of data that often apply to most of the users: IMAP email account data and local data or POP accounts data. The data migration in its strict sense only applies if you have the local files in Postbox that needs to be moved to Outlook or the data from POP-based email accounts. Because in the first case (IMAP related data), all you have to do is add your IMAP based email account in Outlook and the client will sync all the emails and other items for you.

It’s the local files in Postbox that are not part of IMAP or Exchange email account servers that you need to think about. The reason why this migration is even a thing is because of non-standardization of the files and formats both clients use. Standardization is a process that helps different apps, services, and users work together without worrying about compatibility. But unfortunately, the standardization of email data files is not fully yet recognized, making different email clients use different files that are not interoperable across the platforms.

Postbox uses several different files for the purpose of saving the emails and other items in, but none of them can be used with Outlook. The most common and somewhat standard email file Postbox supports is MBOX. You can export all your folders from Postbox to MBOX, but that serves no purpose here because Outlook cannot read or open MBOX files.

Outlook for Windows uses PST file for data storage and Outlook for Mac uses its native file called OLM. But one good news here is that PST may not be a native Outlook Mac file, but it can be used for importing data in MacOS version with ease.

Therefore, converting Postbox files or database to PST can serve migration to both Windows and/or Mac version of Outlook.

Convert Postbox data to PST files to Migrate Postbox to Outlook

All of the above information brings us to the central point about how to actually migrate the data from Postbox, and we now have our answer – by converting Postbox data to PST files.

This too can further be classified into different types of file conversion, depending on which file you use from Postbox to convert to PST. Because Postbox uses different formats for storing the information. Such as *.sbd file format for a folder, *msf for an index file, *.mbox for emails and attachments, and you can also archive the data into a single MBOX file that is different from the mbox file you will find inside the database of Postbox if you look for it manually.

But we are going to skip all that about the different Postbox files and instead will talk about a convenient, safe, and quick approach to migrate your data. It saves you from a lot of frustration and also from having to do a lot of manual effort that is otherwise needed through typical means.

The way we recommend is through “Mail Extractor Pro” app that can auto-detect your Postbox database and use the entire directly as an input. After that, if you want, you can manually exclude any folder you don’t want to convert to PST. All you have to do with “Mail Extractor Pro” is click on “Auto-load” and click “convert.”

migrate postbox to outlook

Auto-load picks up the default Postbox database, but if you have other exported mailboxes or backups, this tool has the options to load them up as input for conversion to PST, instead of auto-loading the main database.

And lastly, the option to convert MBOX to PST is also available with the tool, for when auto-load or manually selecting backup databases do not apply.

Once the conversion is finished, you can easily use the output PST files, which are compatible in both Outlook Windows and Outlook for Mac, including the Office 365 versions and the legacy/older editions too.

Mail Extractor Pro” puts an end to so much of unpredictability and noise surrounding Postbox to Outlook conversion. It simplifies the entire task, makes it possible for home users as well to convert and transfer data, and also performs the entire data conversion with safety. The free trial is a great way to find out more about ‘Mail Extractor Pro‘ without any commitment or obligation.

postbox to outlook

We hope this article has been helpful to you and you got the necessary information you were looking for in order to migrate Postbox data to Outlook in a safe and reliable way.

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