MBOX to PST Converter for OS X That Produces Output Without Failing at Data Integrity! 1

MBOX to PST Converter for OS X That Produces Output Without Failing at Data Integrity!

If you are looking for an MBOX to PST Converter for OS X, you must be pretty disappointed by most of them that you may have found so far. The reason for why they are not as efficient as you’d expect them. Because of all the differences in MBOX and PST files and the lack of adequate programming logic that these ordinary converters have.

MBOX to PST converter for OS X

This article will be discussing the best and the most accurate MBOX to PST converter for OS X. That will give you cleanly converted PST files, in which all the details and structure will be matching exactly similar to the input MBOX files.

It’s called “Mail Extractor Pro,” and it is one of the first choices of experts and professionals looking to migrate data. The reason is its incomparable standard of precision, easy interface, and its ability to handle large files in bulk.

MBOX to PST Converter for OS X

“Mail Extractor Pro” is first and foremost the tool to move your Mac Mail database. It offers a much better approach than converting MBOX or EMLX files. The tool lets you load Apple Mail profile database directly without having to trifling around with files like MBOX or EMLX. You don’t need to find any sort of files or need to load any raw data files at all. The direct approach to the source of data makes it far more accurate tool for conversion that doesn’t miss any detail.

However, its second primary function is to convert MBOX files to PST. MBOX is not a standard Apple Mail file. But it is very commonly used with other clients and programs for storing data. Most popularly, it is used by Google to let the users download their Google services data, like Gmail, into an MBOX file. For all these situations where users need to convert MBOX and not Mac Mail database. “Mail Extractor Pro” lets them manually load any number of MBOX files and easily convert them to PST.

Simple and Easy to Use Tool

This process is made simpler through its sharp UI that makes space for the advanced options.  It works without swamping the users with what they don’t need. The astute sense of USL Software for fusing the simplicity and complexity that can only come through years of experience have made most of the solutions, “Mail Extractor Pro” including, some of the best solutions for migrating emails.

That’s the reason why these tools can be used by IT guys in a large-scale projects. And also by home users for converting their relative smaller databases quickly and without putting much efforts.

Another worth noting feature, or rather set of features, of “Mail Extractor Pro” is the range of converting options, though this falls a bit beyond a scope of this article.

“Mail Extractor Pro” not only converts MBOX and Apple Mail database but also Thunderbird and Postbox databases to PST files.

It also lets you limit the size of output PST files because large files can be hard to import to Outlook. “Mail Extractor Pro” creates additional PST files when the input is too large. This may give you multiple PST files instead of one, but all of them will be equivalent to the size that you specify and not a byte larger.

Download MBOX to PST Converter for OS X

Get the trial copy to check it out now. You just download the setup file using the link below. It gives you the freedom to check out all the features and its full interface. It will convert only ten items per folder. This makes it easy to evaluate how it works without any restrictions. You can remove the 10-items per folder limitation anytime. You feel confident that it does what you need it to do.

Get it here: https://www.mailextractorpro.com/

In case you have any questions or feel stuck during conversion for any reason, get in touch with its support staff that is available 24×7. They will assist you quickly and with full satisfaction.

If you are looking for mbox to pst converter for OS X, then give it a try.

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