Mac Software to Convert MBOX to PST With Dozens of Features! 1

Mac Software to Convert MBOX to PST With Dozens of Features!

Your search for the quickest and friendliest Mac Software to convert MBOX to PST ends here. Even though the market is full of sloppy and inferior converters, there is always one that breaks the rule and sets the new paradigm.

Mac software to covert mbox to pst

Mail Extractor Pro is that tool. It has shifted the conversation regarding MBOX to Outlook PST conversion entirely.

Earlier it used to be either risky (data loss complications) or too tedious to get the right results. Not it is neither. With the help of innovative data processing technologies, the tool has turned it into perfectly accurate, quick, and very simple. The friendly interface allows even the least experienced and total amateurs to get behind their data exporting goals.

mac software to convert mbox to pst

Before we talk in detail how it works and what makes it super-efficient, here is a basic introductory part about the task.


It is a very common and standard data file to store emails and other related information, primarily associated with Mac Mail. Today it is being used by many clients and programs across many platforms, Mac, Windows, and Linux included.


PST is entirely different from MBOX. It is a open-source but proprietary format from Microsoft that only works with Outlook. Windows Outlook native file, used for importing, exporting, backup, arhicing, and more. It is also used for importing in Mac Outlook version as well.

When you need to export emails from clients like Mac Mail, the only way is to convert the original/input files to PST format. But the difference in files can make this job lengthy and complicated. MBOX is very different than PST internally and in ways they origanize the information inside the data-tables. Extracting and implementing infomraiton correctly takes advanced algorithms that rarely any conventional tool carries.

The features and benefits

Mail Extractor Pro has been designed from the scratch. The team of developers at USL Software implemented the smart, logic-based algorithms that works with sharp precision over your contents and tiny details stored in them. This results in exhaustive results with nothing ever missed or ignored.

convert mbox to pst

Apart from the internal power the tool carries, it also improves upon the usual aspects of any software application, such as: speed, interface, stability, and support.

Convert large mailboxes

It handles large files with ease, without ever freezing or crashing, and results in clean output in record time. You can load more files up to any size and still get quick results. Most other ordinary solutions in their category either cannot handle large files at all, or if they do, the time taken to process them is painfully high.

Super easy

Interface of an email migration software is an entirely a different beast on its own. It is challenging to put advanced and helpful features while also unifying them under a single, friendly UI that is graphically-oriented. Here, with “Mail Extractor Pro,” you get it all. The friendly nature of UI is such that anyone can pick up the next minute and get started without having any idea of the technicality behind such tasks. It is very basic and intuitive to operate on.

Support and help

And lastly, the tech support of USL Software is an award-winning team of experts that will help you resolve any situation you may find yourself stuck in. Even though, the tool has no issues in its own, sometimes the complexity of a unique database can make it a bit heavier for beginners to resolve on their own. This is when USL Software team comes in and takes you home with ease. They are friendly, quick to respond, and always stay with you and your goal, until everything is resolved.

mac mbox to pst

Get the trial edition here of Mail Extractor Pro to test everything out rigorously in your own computer, with your own email files.

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