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Mac Mail to PST Converter that is perfect for your conversion process

Mac Mail to PST conversion, the task that everybody dreads but has to do it.

The task involves a lot of technicalities and complexities that, if not handled correctly, can cause a lot of problems.

Knowledge about the conversion process and the right Mac Mail to PST Converter is a must.

This article introduces you to the perfect Mac Mail to PST Converter there is, Mail Extractor Pro.

The Mac Mail to PST Converter

Mail Extractor Pro: Reasons to go for it

mac mail to pst converter

There are many Mac Mail to PST Converters available in the market. And they all promise a whole lot of things. But when it comes to performance, it’s all just promise. Not with Mail Extractor Pro. This Mac Mail to PST Converter delivers more than it promises.

The tool has got all the features that you can wish for in a Mac Mail to PST Converter.

You have the control over the conversion process which was missing from your previous conversion processes; you have the best in class accuracy that converts everything and a lot more. Going for Mail Extractor Pro is an intelligent decision.

Unicode, ASCII and all the rest

Email is the major means of communication in today’s world. Almost everything travels via email.

Broadly all the data traveling via email can be classified into Unicode and ASCII. ASCII forms up the textual or English part of the data that any normal Mac Mail to PST Converter can convert.

mac mail to pst

Problem arises with the Unicode part of the data.

Unicode part consists of all the nested messages, attachments etc. that are encoded a bit differently. Hence, are a bit tricky to convert. Most Mac Mail to PST Converters fails to convert the Unicode part of the data. This result in incomplete conversion and can have negative effect on the input data as well.

Mail Extractor Pro converts all the Unicode data without fail and with precaution, providing you with great results.

Quick and Efficient

Mail Extractor Pro is one of the quickest Mac Mail to PST Converter out there. Combined with the flawless accuracy of the tool, the speed forms a deadly combination. The tool provides quality in a very less amount of time. To do so it implements the technique of Bulk Conversion. Bulk Mac Mail Conversion allows you to select all Mac Mail Database (Accounts) files that you want to convert. And then in a single go this Apple Mail MBOX to PST Converter converts them all without compromising with the accuracy of the conversion process. This makes the tool quicker and better.

Top it all off with ease of usage

The interface of the tool is like a cherry on the top of a feature laden cake.

Most Mac Mail to PST Converter tools have a hard to operate interface which is filled with unnecessary features. With Mail Extractor Pro you get a clean and simple interface which shows only what is important. It even guides you through the conversion process by providing dialog boxes and pop-up windows.

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Download the mbox converter to pst free trial of the tool today and get started with this amazing Mac Mail to PST Converter.

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