Mac Mail to Outlook Conversion – The Smartest Email Migration App There is! 1

Mac Mail to Outlook Conversion – The Smartest Email Migration App There is!

Mac Mail to Outlook conversion – Here is the smartest tool that you need.

Mac Mail files (either MBOX or EMLX) are not compatible with the Outlook client. If you want to migrate the data, you need PST files, which is the native format for Outlook Windows but also useable in Mac.

However, most of the converters available today have dozens of flaws in them. The biggest is that they fail to convert the entire data, resulting in many errors and data integrity loss. Not to mention, most of them can be incredibly difficult to navigate due to terrible interfaces.

Besides, they also lack some basic essentials of any software application, like stability, speed, support, and so on.

Mac Mail to Outlook Conversion Tool

This is why USL Software started developing Mail Extractor Pro from inside-out and in the process, eliminating those common issues that have plagued the email migration tasks for years. Mail Extractor Pro is the smartest app there is to convert Apple Mail MBOX to PST files.

And the way it does so is also unique and far more effective than any other approach.

Mac Mail to Outlook Conversion

The tool offers you four ways to migrate:

  • Use MBOX files
  • Direct convert Mac Mail database
  • Mac Mail Export Mailbox
  • ‘Mail’ folder copied

MBOX is a generic file used by many email clients. The mbox to pst converter tool can convert them to PST files, but for that, you first need to archive your Mac Mail data to MBOX. It should be noted that Mac Mail does not use MBOX automatically. The *.mbox file packages you can find inside the database folder are not standard MBOX format.

Second option is let the tool pick up the native database directory automatically. This does not involve any manual effort like data archiving or finding the raw files like EMLX. Not only does this make the job much quicker and simpler, it also affects the accuracy of the outcome. By directly converting the profile database, you eliminate the chances of any errors and losses.

Mac Mail to Outlook

Mail Extractor Pro is also popular for the following features:

  • It can convert Thunderbird and Postbox databases as well, also including EML files
  •  Support for Unicode text character
  • Converts all images, attachments, and headers cleanly
  • Maps the folders from Mac Mail to Outlook accurately without misplacing any one
  • The intuitive interface makes it easier even for the beginners
  • Allows splitting of large PST files automatically. You just have to specify the maximum size limit for the files.
  • Backed up by 24 x 7 supports by USL Software for all your queries or problems if any.

Try it for Mac Mail to Outlook Conversion

Mail Extractor Pro is the tool that no one else can match, in terms of performance, ease of use, and accuracy. Built upon the smart algorithms at its core, it is the only email migration app that can keep all the details and metadata of your files intact.

How It Works

  1. Launch ‘Mail Extractor Pro’ on Mac.
  2. LOAD Mail Data
    • For Apple Mail
      • Click on “Apple Mail: Load”.
        1. Auto Load: To Auto Load Mac Mail database for Mac Mail to Outlook conversion.
        2. Open: Browse and locate if you have –
          • Mac Mail Export Mailbox
          • ‘Mail’ folder copied
    • For Thunderbird/Postbox
      • Click on “Thunderbird/Postbox: Load”.
        1. Auto Load: To Auto Load Thunderbird/Postbox Mail database.
        2. Open: Browse and locate, if you have ‘Profile’ folder copied from Thunderbird/Postbox.
    • For MBOX Files
      • Click on “MBOX files: Load”.
        1. Then Browse and locate a single MBOX file
        2. Select a folder containing MBOX files, if you want convert multiple MBOX files at once.
  3. Optional Settings
    • Check / Uncheck “Ignore Empty Folders”.
    • Select/Deselect Folders that you want to convert.
    • Set Output PST file size, if you have large Mailbox. (15 GB Recommended).
  4. Then hit on “Convert”.

You can download it right now and use it in a free trial mode to check it out everything in more depth.

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