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When you are recovering your important data especially your office work it can get really dubious when it comes to using software that are not trustworthy. There can be many questions arising related to, which converter tool to download for best and safe results. This article will help you make up your mind in choosing the best OST to PST converter available in the market.

What to do if you cannot open ost file in Outlook 2013?

If you have downloaded a freeware from the internet that is unable to convert your OST files in Outlook 2013 then you must give a try to OST Extractor Pro. OST Extractor Pro software is new in the market and is taking the internet by a blow. It has the feature to convert and recover OST files into PST. It supports all the versions of Outlook from 97 to 2016. Hence no matter whatever version of OST file you have all such versions of OST files can be easily recovered with the help of this conversion tool.

OST to PST free open source

The OST Extractor Pro also helps you in recovering the data that is large in size for general tools available in the market. The developers of the OST Extractor pro have made special efforts in bringing you the most efficient software to save your time and money. The software claims to convert 1 GB of data within 10 minutes. So if you are dealing with a large amount of OST files then this software can come handy for you.

OST Extractor Pro to convert OST to PST

Also, this software is best for professionals who are at running big Enterprises or who are having their own startups where they have to deal with client’s OST files. With the freeware software, you only get limited usage that is you can extract files only from one folder or from only one email ID.

But do not worry there are different packages also available with the software which helps you in converting the files without much difficulty. Also, the 24/7 support system available on the website helps you with all your queries when you are dealing with converting your important OST files. The support system is quite friendly and well equipped with all the questions beforehand. They are seasoned to handle all your queries and provide you with instant answers.

Hence when it comes to recovering your important and confidential OST files you must not go for the freeware that is not trustworthy. You can find many reviews of the OST Extractor Pro on the internet to help you make up your mind.

Also if you feel a little dubious about the purchase of the software you must go for the freeway and try it for yourself. This is the best OST to PST converter which you can get right away.

You can also try it here: https://www.ostextractorpro.com/.

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