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Import OST to Postbox – No Need to Worry About It!

On closer look, most of our problems in modern world are time-related and also about the inability to correctly judge the time required for a task. Tasks that involve moving your important digital data is probably the worst in that regard.

Import OST to Postbox

Importing OST to Postbox is not only takes a huge time with conventional means, it is also the most mis-judged task regarding how long it will take. Sometimes, people would overestimate the time required and sometimes underestimate.

So, if you are also worried about the same, you can let go of it.

Tool to convert OST to Postbox

OST Extractor Pro the quickest app to convert these files is now available to download. It also works consistently no matter how large or complex the files are and what kind of email-data they contain. Fully internally supported (without additional inputs) for converting Unicode text from headers, embedded graphics inside emails, meta-data, and more.

You can try it, if you are looking for OST to Postbox, Thunderbird, Postbox, Apple Mail, MBOX, EML or OST to PST converter tool.

ost to postbox

How It Works

The whole process takes less than 10 clicks:

  1. You start it up simply from the ‘Applications’ folder in Mac OS X or from the application shortcut on your desktop in Windows.
  2. Click on ‘Open OST file’ (Windows) or “Add OST” (Mac) and browse to the location where it is stored and select the file.
  3. All the folders inside the file will be displayed, including the option to remove/exclude any folder you don’t want to convert.
  4. Select the output format (MBOX, which is compatible with Postbox)
  5. Click on ‘Export’ (Windows) or ‘Start’ (Mac) and choose the location where the tool will save the converted MBOX files.
  6. The progress bar will show the conversion in real time. Once finished, you can directly go to the output folder and copy the output files where you want to and import them to Postbox.
importing ost to postbox

Apart from the quick approach that doesn’t require needless inputs from you, the algorithms that work for data extraction are also prompt. This is why, even with large OST files, you can expect it to work in much lesser time than the other general converters for importing OST to Postbox.

There is not much to this task with “OST Extractor Pro” than described above.

As you can see, there is absolutely no reason to worry about your productivity at work or at home. Technical tasks such as these can be especially annoying as they are often tedious and can go unexpectedly at times. This app removes all such annoyances.

Fast and Error Free Conversion

OST Extractor Pro works this fast while not compromising with other aspects, mainly including the quality of output files. It is not rare that a conventional app/converter would leave behind certain aspects of the emails, like headers or attachments or something else. With this one, you can be relaxed knowing the entire database will be migrated with zero errors.

import ost to postbox
Works on both Mac & Windows

Available for both Mac and Windows, and a trial version that’s free to download now. After activation, one paid license can be used in both platforms. And the technical support team of USL Software adds additional layer of performance, ease, and safety.

convert ost to postbox

It’s a perfect OST recovery tool for smart users who don’t wish to lose their time on tedious technical processes like this importing OST ot Postbox.

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