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Searching for options to export MBOX to Outlook Mac/Windows?

Do you wish to change your email domain from Apple emails to Outlook? Then you need to export MBOX to Outlook Mac & Windows. It’s not something that you can do manually. To export your MBOX to Outlook for Mac you need to first convert your MBOX files into PST file format.

MBOX file format is something that is supported by Apple emails. When you look out to convert your Apple emails you will get a file that is of MBOX file format. But to convert your Mac mail to Outlook you need a PST file format. PST file format is something that is supported by Outlook Windows & Mac.

How can one export MBOX to outlook Mac & Windows?

Therefore it is important that you have a converter tool that can help you export MBOX to Outlook Mac and Windows. One such tool available in the market is the Mail Extractor Pro. This tool is developed by the skilled team of USL software.

export MBOX to outlook

The tool that we are talking about to export your MBOX to Outlook Mac & Windows has the following features that you won’t find in any other tool in the market.

  • Bug-free process- This tool offers you a bug-free process of conversion and extraction of your data. Because of the tool being bug-free, your data is less susceptible to be corrupted or damaged. This is one feature that you need when you are exporting MBOX to Outlook Windows & Mac.
  • Metadata conversion- When we talk about Apple emails it is very likely that the emails contain different file formats in them. They may be presentations, Excel sheets, timestamps, read/ unread status, etc. Hence it is important for the tool to understand all these types of data and convert them into PST file format.
  • Batch conversion- When you are to export MBOX to Outlook Mac & Win it is quite possible that you might have multiple MBOX files. This tool is capable of handling multiple MBOX files and converting them at the very same time. Hence batch conversion is something that is much needed when you have multiple MBOX files to be converted.
  • Splitting of output PST files- When you are to export MBOX to Outlook Mac & Win you have to get the PST file format to be uploaded on Outlook. When you have a large PST file it gets difficult to be uploaded on Outlook. Hence this tool offers you splitting of your output PST file into smaller segments. This way you can easily update and export your MBOX files to Outlook Mac & Win.
export MBOX to outlook mac

Get it to export MBOX to Outlook Mac & Win

Get this tool today and never regret converting your files again This is the best tool I have come across so far during my reviews. If you wish to export MBOX to Outlook Mac & Win then this is a must have tool for you.

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It will give you an accurate and error-free conversion of your data. You won’t miss out on any details not even read and unread status of your emails.

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