Export Mac Mail to Outlook 2016, Outlook 2019 for Mac & Win 1

Export Mac Mail to Outlook 2016, Outlook 2019 for Mac & Win

Export Mac Mail to Outlook 2016 / Outlook 2019 – The Wrong and the Right Way!

Before we go on about the different ways of exporting Mac Mail to Outlook 2016 / 2019, let’s get the basics out of the way.

How to Export Mac Mail to Outlook 2016 / 2019

Both Mac Mail and Outlook 2019 / 2016 are email clients. You can add your email account and access your emails through them. The clients download data from the servers. The reason to use them is extended functionality and a lot more control over the data management. The difference between them is that the former is for MacOS and the latter is for Windows. Note that Outlook 2016 / 2019 is also available for Mac but we are concerned about that in this article.

Methods to Export Mac Mail to Outlook 2019 / Outlook 2016

However, there are situations where one has to switch from Mac Mail to Outlook 2016 / 2019. Such an event could lead to many problems, especially involving the data. The data on servers is fine because you can easily sync it through IMAP protocol. But then took here’s local data, the data that is stored on your Mac computer. To migrate local data to Outlook 2019 / 2016 can prove to be a bit difficult.

Here we will see what are some of the ways this data migration can be achieved and why most of them are terrible choices

#1 Through IMAP based email accounts:

We learned above that email clients like Outlook 2019 / 2016 can sync data from the servers. But the local Mac Mail data is a different scenario. But what you can do with the local database is sync all of it to your email account. Then use the same account with Outlook 2016 / 2019 to sync the data back.

You might need to do it in several steps if the data you are syncing is more than what your email provider allows to store on the servers. But even if that is not a problem for you, know that such methods are terrible for data safety. You are more likely to end up with missing items and loss to the data integrity.

And it is also too lengthy and tedious.

# 2 EMLX or MBOX Conversion to PST for Outlook 2019/2016

Unfortunately, you cannot pick up the files from Mac Mail database directly and move them into Outlook 2016/2019. The files Mac Mail uses are EMLX and MBOX and those are not compatible with Windows Outlook 2016, 2019, or earlier versions. This brings us to the data file conversion methods using third-party tools.

EMLX is a file Mac Mail uses to store emails. Each EMLX file corresponds to a single email message. Attachments are stored on EMLXPART files. Contacts and calendar data are not associated with them. In turn, they are stored inside .mbox file packages. You can move these .mbox packages to another Mac Mail database, but they are not usable with any other client, definitely not with Outlook.

You can however use third-party email migration tools that can convert these files to PST, the native format Outlook uses.

Again, it’s not the smartest method you can pick. Such conversion procedures only end with data corruption and lost items. They are also difficult to use as the UIs of most of the converters are built without considering the skills and expertise of basic users.

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#3 Use “Mail Extractor Pro” – The Direct ‘Mail’ Database to PST!

Mail Extractor Pro”, a software from USL Software, marks the first time in history when you can effectively target the ‘Mail’ database, which is the source of all your emails, contacts, and other items in Mac Mail. This method requires no manual efforts to find the files, loading them up one by one, or any such tedious routes.

Export Mac Mail to Outlook 2016

You can now simply select ‘Auto-load’ and get everything ready to be converted to PST.

Export Mac Mail to Outlook 2019

Get it to Export Mac Mail to Outlook 2016 / 2019

Get a free trial copy here. “Mail Extractor Pro” truly changes how you think about and work your way around email migration challenges. The tool has simplified one of the otherwise very tricky process into merely a few mouse clicks.

Export Mac Mail to Outlook

It features all essential support for data conversion and control, and makes it so anyone can do it, from a top IT technician with high sophisticated needs to a home user with basic needs.

To convert Apple mail to Outlook 2019 / Outlook 2016, get ‘Mail Extractor Pro’ today.

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