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Export Apple Mail to PST, 10 Features of a tool that makes it perfect?

Export Apple mail to PST – if it is on your mind, then without further search we recommend USL Software’s Mail Extractor Pro. The tool has every single trait that you would be looking for and that is exactly what makes it a brilliant option for the users. To put across our point of view more effectively, here is a direct reference of top 10 of its features that revolve around perfecting final copies of the Apple mail to PST files:

export apple mail to pst

Export Apple Mail to PST (Top 10 Features)

  1. Safety: Time and again, a user gets concerned over the safety of their data files. This offline mode tool guarantees full relaxation to the users as it bars all external threats. Not just this but also it provides safety net against internal break downs like application crashes, etc.
  2. Speed of conversion: The users get to convert the data files at supersonic speed. The tool is known to convert about 1 GB data in less than 10 minutes. Thus, users with even large databases are able to convert the files within a limited timeframe.
  3. Precise results: This tool certainly build copies of data files that are precise in nature. There is not even one bit of data that is left behind in the export Apple mail to PST task. This includes items like contacts, calendars, notes, attachments, Unicode content, non-English characters, etc.
  4. Comprehensible: The tool comes with a comprehensible interface that is understood by beginners as well as experts. Its process is completely streamlined and it gets completed in about 5 clicks.
  5. Enormous feature list: The users get complete access to its vast features that have been carefully incorporated onto it. Some of the best ones amongst these are bulk conversions, maintenance of folder hierarchy, 100% conversion, etc.
  6. Compatible nature: The Apple Mail converter software is highly compatible with both Mac and Windows systems. Its technical requirements are limited to disk space availability and administrative permissions for installation. Thus, it is pretty suitable for all sorts of export Apple mail to PST needs.
  7. Nominal pricing structure: With four license keys namely Individual, Standard, Small Business, and Enterprise, the users gets sufficient space and choice to select a key that is suitable for them. All of these come with lifetime access.
  8. Free maintenance updates: The license keys also extend free maintenance updates to ensure that there are no compatibility issues in this fast-changing digital world.  
  9. 24*7 customer support: The users can fully rely on its round the clock customer care services for any sort of assistance in their export Apple mail to PST journey.
  10. FREE demo: Last but not the least, this tool allows the users to test out this tool for free. The demo version allows conversion of 10 items per folder.

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There is truly nothing more that a user can ask for to proficiently export Apple mail to PST. This tool is simple, fast, affordable, and effective.

Apple Mail to PST Export

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