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Entourage to Outlook (Mac & Windows) Converter

Entourage to Outlook converter that convert Microsoft Entourage Archive 2004/2008 (RGE file) to PST file for both Mac and Windows Outlook.

Entourage to Outlook Converter

Entourage and Outlook both maybe from Microsoft, but the former is discontinued and replaced by the latter years ago. There are still users who are with Entourage due to several reasons. Primary being, their business still requires the legacy features and UI of Entourage.

However, its likely, since you are here, that you switching to Outlook.

Great decision, since Outlook is more modern and features a lot more options. However, moving the local Entourage data can be tough without any official support for data migration.

Sadly, both programs being from Microsoft, there is still no direct and official approach to moving your local Entourage files to Outlook. If you want to try the complex manual procedures, you can do so, but they result in faults in your files. The quality of the output data isn’t desirable.

Tool to convert Entourage to Outlook for Mac & Windows

Enter ‘Mail Passport Pro‘ from Gladwev Software. It’s the tool fully capable of converting Entourage to Outlook exceedingly well.

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At the core of its functioning is adaptive-scaling algorithms that adjusts to the varying degree of compexity of users’ data types. Entourage files contain not just email text but headers, attachments, graphics, and more. All of these types are not dealt by other converters with precision. And this is where “Mail Passport Pro” changes things.

You will get clean and thorough conversion results.

Moreover, it brings a friendly interface for the first time, allowing anyone to move data across Entourage to Outlook in no time. Many decently powered tools have non-user-friendly interfaces, making it incredibly tough for beginners to go through the process. A bad UI also makes the job time-consuming, which is the last thing you want.

The Features

“Mail Passport Pro” has no loose ends. It was designed thoroughly by the experienced team at Gladwev that ends the long and frustrating conventional methods.

  • Supports conversion of Unicode characters through native dedicated algorithms, including characters from headers
  • Converts MIME defined headers with accuracy
  • The analytics deliver detailed and in-depth conversion report which can be quite handy in large-scale projects.
  • It secures the way your folders are arranged within an hierarchy and alters nothing, except the format (PST)
  • Dedicated desktop-utility that needs nothing else to work, not even an internet connection.
  • Works quickly with large Entourage databases and gives you time to work on your important tasks
  • Also converts Apple Mail, Thunderbird, EML and MBOX to Outlook PST files.
  • Continuity preserved with the text and formatting, HTML emails, graphics embedded within emails, and more.
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Get this Entourage to Outlook Converter

There are licenses for different needs and goals of users and corporations. Pick the one that suits you. Or, begin first with the free trial version to check it out in depth. You can test out all the features but the trial mode converts only ten items per folder, which doesn’t impact your ability to see how the tool functions.

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There is a tech support team always available to give you a hand in case you need help. Get ‘Mail Passport Pro’ today and hassle free import mail to Outlook for Mac or Windows.

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