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Convert Mac Outlook Email to Mac Mail !

To convert Mac Outlook Email to Mac Mail, read this article.

If you are switching to Mac Mail, but all your data is stored in Outlook for Mac, or if you want to share your Outlook data with a user who has only Mac Mail, you are forced to go through the conversion of your Outlook emails to a format that Mac Mail can understand.

Tool to Convert Mac Outlook Email to Mac Mail

There’s no better tool than “OLM Extractor Pro” to do this.

convert mac outlook email to mac mail

You can download the free trial version to find out all about its features through direct use. Or you can read below to know about it more before installing.

Convert Mac outlook email to Mac Mail has never been easier with the help of “OLM Extractor Pro“. This is a tool that will get you to where you want to be regarding this otherwise sophisticated process of data migration.

Advance Algorithms

The tool runs on an integrated system of advanced algorithms and yet basic interface that delivers results without errors. It’s laser-accuracy towards more complex data items and prioritization of data safety makes it the only OLM to Mac Mail converter that doesn’t detract from the originality and the fidelity of your emails.

Take a translation of languages, as a analogy. When you translate a statement from one language to other, no matter how precisely you choose your words, there are certain meaning that’s always lost or modified. That’s how generic conversion tools are. They might convert everything but will lose or modify the details that in the emailing world matter immensely.

Convert Everything Carefully

It would be no use if you can convert Mac Outlook email to Mac Mail but lose their headers that contain the sender and receivers’ email addresses or if the folders in which you have organized the data will modify.

And this is exactly why “OLM Extractor Pro” is nothing short of revolutionary. Because it doesn’t work the same way the conventional tools work. It works on a deeper levels with the files. The layers of data-extraction processes ensures for no data loss.

It’s dedicated scripting to items like non-English text characters, folder hierarchy, metadata, read/unread status of your emails, and other such informational contents truly make it the most accurate conversion utility there is. These are all the data-contents that are unnoticeable and will take for granted unless they are absent.

Simple User Interface

Other worth noticing qualities of “OLM Extractor Pro” that puts it at the top spot for this job is its interface.

It’s designed in a way to unify the advanced features with the basic interface to allow for easier conversions. It can even be used by the users with baseline knowledge about generic email files. It is just enough to export or archive their data from Outlook 2011 to OLM files. And if they already have OLM Files, then they don’t need to know about data exporting. Just load them on to the ‘OLM Extractor Pro‘ and the rest will take care for them.

Get it to Convert Mac Outlook Email to Mac Mail

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OLM Extractor Pro” has certain schemes in place that gives the users the freedom to personalize the results according to them, as opposed to simply converting the files without much flexibility:

  • – You can use the filter option to filter out any type of folders you don’t want to convert.
  • – You can manually remove any folder individually that you wish to keep out from the converted Mac Mail files.
  • – Also, you can choose to save read and unread emails in separate folders.
  • – You can choose to merge all contacts from a folder into a single VCF file
  • – Similarly, you can choose to convert every calendar entry from a folder into a single ICS file.

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With such range of options, deeper layer for data extraction, accurate capture and mapping of folder hierarchy, and usability that trumps all other methods for this job. “OLM Extractor Pro” clearly emerges the best choice to convert Mac Outlook email to Mac Mail.

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