Convert Apple Mail to PST (Outlook 2019, 2016...) 1

Convert Apple Mail to PST (Outlook 2019, 2016…)

Mail Extractor Pro is an amazing tool which can convert your entire Apple mail database to PST format in the simplest and easiest manner possible. The tool has amazing features, reliable parent company, shocking speed and much more.

Convert Apple Mail to PST

It makes customer’s work the easiest. All they have to do is open the tool and choose the task. The tool can make the impossible possible in Apple mail to PST Conversion. From bulk conversion to preservation of folder hierarchy, nothing is left out of the domain of Mail Extractor Pro.

Mail Extractor Pro is a Mac based tool that can convert Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Postbox and MBOX files to PST for Windows Outlook 2019/2016/2013/2010/2007/2003 and Mac Outlook 2019/2016/2011.

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Salient features of Mail Extractor Pro:-

Simple to use

The only way to have an easy and safe Apple mail to PST Conversion is through a tool but if the tool itself not usable at all, then the task is not a problem anymore. Customers who have tried converting Apple mail to PST format with the help of mediocre tools can relate to this ordeal.

It is very important to have a tool with which you can convert your Apple mail files to PST format, but it is even more important to have a tool which is easy to use and can export Apple mail to PST format.

Mail Extractor Pro fulfills both criteria. It can easily convert Apple mail files to PST format and is easy to use. The tool has been extremely easy to use. IT has an astoundingly simple, graphical and user-friendly user interface. The self-explanatory wizards make the work of customers easier. What can get better?

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Bulk Conversion

Bulk conversions can really make your Apple mail to PST Conversion easy and smooth. Through this big shortcut, one can easily get over Apple mail to PST Conversion in no time at all. This shortcut is big in size. You can convert any size of your Apple mail database in no time at all with this task. Plus, the tool does not dilute the speed or quality of conversion to make this happen.

Who benefits the most from this feature? Everyone can benefit the most from this feature. Who wouldn’t like to get over this mammoth of a task in no time at all, and in only one session. You whole database is converted and now you don’t have to worry about anything. Can a conversion process get any better? No.


Mail Extractor Pro is fully automatic for customers. The tool has everything you need to make your Apple mail to PST Conversion easiest. Therefore, the tool has been made fully automatic. Customers have to only open their software and chose the task. The rest is taken care of by Mail Extractor Pro.

Converts Unicode Contents

Mail Extractor Pro is a modern tool and it understands that many languages other than English are in use for office and mail communication. Therefore, it makes every preparation for converting each of these texts. Mail Extractor Pro can convert Unicode content very easily.

Evaluation copy to convert Apple Mail to PST

A suitable evaluation copy has been provided by USL software which helps customers to decide the tool’s worth for them.

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Get it right now to convert Apple Mail to PST file for Outlook 2019/2016/2011 for Mac and Outlook 2019/2013/2016/2010/2007/2003 for Windows.

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