Convert Apple Mail MBOX to PST – You do Not Have to Take the Same Inefficient Route! 1

Convert Apple Mail MBOX to PST – You do Not Have to Take the Same Inefficient Route!

Want to convert Apple Mail MBOX to PST thoroughly, with no exception to any detail or metadata? Most converters cannot do that. But here is one that CAN!

Switching email clients can be tiring. On top of that, if you need to migrate a large amount of data, it can be truly exhausting. Any data transfer process can take its toll on your mind and time.

Taking it even further, email databases can be uniquely complex and rich with information. The more time you spent using Apple Mail, more complex the database you need to migrate. And to do so to a client that is not only different but works on a different platform is often the cause why experts would try to avoid it.

We are talking particularly about Apple Mail MBOX to PST files. PST is for Outlook, mostly for Windows, and MBOX is a generic file but most commonly associated with Apple Mail. Both files have nothing in common and to convert them is not a straightforward task, unless you have something special in your toolkit.

What Generic File Converters Lack?

Frankly, there is no shortage of tools if you want to convert Apple Mail MBOX to PST. You can Google dozens of these generic converters. But most of them come with incomplete feature-set and other problems.

  • Unfriendly user interfaces
  • No direct tech support or at all
  • Inefficient algorithms for data processing
  • No support for cleanly converting items like Unicode text or headers or other
  • Custom-built for specific projects for large corporations (so are either too costly or do not fit your needs)
  • Limited trial version so you cannot try it fully

And plenty more.

These problems can double-up if you have a massive scale project for data migration. And in a work-related database, where every little data component is as vital as large files, a tool without data safety consideration can be devastating.

Convert Apple Mail MBOX to PST – WITHOUT facing the above issues!

If there is no way to convert your data safely, we would not be writing this.

So, thankfully, there is. Most common tools with sub-par features fail; but the one discussed below does not.

If you are in a dire need to convert Apple Mail MBOX to PST files quickly and without facing any data integrity errors, download “Mail Extractor Pro” now. You can read about its features below but to see it directly in action, the best way is to use the free trial version. Few things that make it truly special can only be experienced.

convert apple mail mbox to pst
Mail Extractor Pro – Convert Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Postbox, MBOX to PST for Mac & Windows Outlook.

But if you do not want to download it just yet, continue reading below.
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Get it to Convert Apple Mail MBOX to PST

Mail Extractor Pro” is built with unique insight of USL Software, a company that has worked in email migration domain for years now. Nowhere is it clearer than in the interface of the tool. From the get go, you can see the polish and efforts went into making its user-end interface. Simple, easy to understand, and yet functional.

apple mail mbox to pst

Convert Apple Mail MBOX to PST Accurately

Second most appreciative aspect of the converter is wholeness of the output/results.

If your Apple Mail MBOX files contain some sensitive details, you should be anxious employing any other ordinary solution than “Mail Extractor Pro”. It is the only tool that brings dedicated and multilayered scripts to deal with the tiny information in files that are highly critical.

Some examples include Unicode characters, MIME headers, attachments, structure of folders, graphics inside emails, cloud-based files and links, HTML formatted emails, and so on. All these are dealt by “Mail Extractor Pro” with surprising precision and control. Once more, the trial version is the best way to find out the real value it has to offer, for users who wish to convert Apple Mail MBOX to PST with efficiency and without dealing with unnecessary headaches.

How to convert Apple Mail MBOX to PST

Time needed: 15 minutes.

It is very simple and easy use tool and support any size of mailbox.

  1. Launch ‘Mail Extractor Pro’ to convert Apple Mail MBOX to PST

    Download and install it on your Mac system. how to convert apple mail mbox to pst

  2. Load Apple Mail MBOX files

    Click on “Apple Mail : Load“, then click on on “Auto Load” to detect Apple Mail files. Click on “Open“, if you have back copy – “Apple Mail Mailbox Export” or “Apple Mail ‘Mail’ folder Copied“.

    If have *.mbox files.
    Click on “MBOX Files:Load“. Select a single MBOX file or select a folder containing MBOX files. Converting Apple Mail MBOX to PST

  3. Optional Settings

    Check folders from preview panel, Click on “Ignore Empty Folders” to exclude them and set PST file size if you have large Mailbox. apple mail mbox to pst conversion

  4. Convert your data

    Click on “Convert”. Then select a folder to save the PST file and the conversion process will start. export apple mail mbox to pst

To convert Apple Mail MBOX to PST or Thunderbird/Postbox/EMLX to PST, then try ‘Mail Extractor Pro’ today.

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