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Apple Mail to MBOX – Why Use a Tool from Other Sources to Move the Data!

Moving emails and other items from Apple Mail to MBOX is often required for dozens of reasons. But users often find themselves a bit confused and frustrated while actually performing the data operation.

Apple Mail and Standard MBOX (*.mbox file)

The reason is that there are some false assumptions about the email client “Mail” for Mac and the data file called MBOX.

The very first version of Apple Mail used the standard *.mbox files to store email messages. A single file could contain a lot of emails and other items. However, the later versions moved to *.emlx files, particularly to make the index searching feature in Mac computers better. Those *.emlx files are stored inside other file packages that are given *.mbox extension. You can open those *.mbox file packages like a folder.

What this means is that Apple Mail no longer uses the standard MBOX files, the version that’s compatible with many other email clients and programs (and the one that Google offers to download their data into). *.mbox file package is a separate format and is a result of this false assumption of most users.

That brings us to the process of how to get Apple Mail to MBOX files, since the email client doesn’t natively use MBOX.

There we face another unexpected problem: there are few convoluted manual ways you can extract the data from “Mail” into MBOX files. But it’s not too late before users realize that there are few frustrating problems with all those manual ways. It gets specifically troubling when the database is massive and you need some control on what you want to archive into MBOX and what not.

Most of the approaches that are common usually involved getting a single folder to MBOX individually and to repeat that for each folder. This gives you the most possible accurate output without loss to the details. Batch conversion methods are obviously faster but comes with their own flaws, which are more server than merely taking more time. You could get a substantial damage to your data fidelity, and some parts of information can be modified. That part of data integrity loss is the worst and most unbecoming nature of this task.

And naturally, this is where we come down to using other sources for moving Apple Mail to MBOX files. These third-party tools are developed to eliminate or reduce the complexity you will find in manual methods. Their data extraction is also through more sophisticated algorithms and not merely by brute data processing. A good converter would restructure the data tables correctly and migrate everything without data integrity loss.

Mac App to Convert Apple Mail to MBOX

Mail Extractor Max” from USL Software is known as the most versatile Apple Mail converter tool for this task. Mostly because it offers you the essential functionality that is missing elsewhere, without making the interface hard to understand and use.

apple mail to mbox

Mail Extractor Max” will scan the native folder of Apple Mail (called “identity”) and extract the contents using the sharp, targeted logic for complex items, and get the job done quickly without any loss to your information or the structure of database.

You can try it for

  1. Apple Mail to Thunderbird Conversion
  2. Apple Mail to Entourage Conversion
  3. Apple Mail to Postbox Conversion
  4. Apple Mail to Standard MBOX Conversion
  5. Apple Mail to EML Conversion

Try it today

Download now at

You can try the free version that ULS Software has made publicly available. It allows full access to everything except it converts ten items from each folder in Mac Mail. There’s also a tech support for any questions or setbacks you might face.

apple mail to mbox converter

And after you have tried it using the free demo version, you will realize why it is no important to use a professional, third-party tool to get Apple Mail data into standard MBOX files. For users who value time and the importance of their sensitive information in emails, “Mail Extractor Max” will pay off better returns in long term.

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