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Apple Mail Converter Software for Mac!

Apple Mail converter, the conversion does not have to be a painful and frustrating process to be successful, it is all a matter of choosing the right software for the task. Mail Extractor Pro by USL software is anytime better than the ordinary software to provide to you precise mail conversion and luxury features at the same place. It is effective for all types of data and is free of anything that might cause corruption of data.

It can convert Apple Mail to Outlook for Mac and Windows.

apple mail converter

An Apple Mail Converter software worth every penny and more

If you are looking for an Apple Mail converter software which makes Apple Mail conversion convenient as well as accessible then this is the right choice for you. It even converts the data directly in the mac, so one can be rid of the usual rigmarole of manual conversion. This process is comparatively faster, smoother and much more convenient. Its intuitive interface and easy to use wizard add to the comforts of the users.

Auto-loads the entire database

The database of any of the mail clients contains a large number of files, choosing every  one of them manually would be quite a  time-consuming affair. Keeping that in mind, this software has been made capable of automatically loading the entire database. Just after the user selects the mail client they want to convert, apple mail in this case, the entire database is selected then and there. The rest of the process is also quite simple.

Converts files using double-byte characters

The creators of this software kept in mind the fact that email as a form of communication is used all over the globe and across borders. That is why the software has been made compatible with double-byte characters. It means that languages such as chinese, korean and japanese that use double-byte characters would be recognized immediately by this software and files which are in such languages will be converted conveniently.

Ultimate time-saving batch conversion

It can be quite frustrating to convert Apple Mail MBOX to PST each file one by one. You can avoid that when you use this software since it allows bulk conversion. In a single batch one can send bulks of data for conversion and get results sooner than usual.

Converts data directly in mac

Every effort has been taken to make the process as convenient to the users as possible. The ability to convert Apple Mail to PST data directly in the mac is an evidence of that fact. This feature implies that one does not have to transfer the data to the windows for the conversion. Therefore, one saves time as well as converts their data comfortably when using this software.

Keeps track of metadata and folder hierarchy

Metadata like read/unread status, subject and other such details might be small in size but nevertheless quite important. That is why this software keeps all of them intact till the end of the conversion. It also makes sure that the hierarchy of the folders is maintained.

apple mail converter software

You can get yourself either the full version or try out the demo version of the Apple Mail converter and upgrade it later.

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